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World Indices

This section covers the exchanges of various countries (including emerging economies like BRICS) across the world e.g. FTSE, NYSE, Dow Jones, Nikkei etc. parallel to NIFTY/Sensex in India. It covers the real time quotes and the movements. Since the movement of these indices may impact our index, they are followed closely by the experts in Indian Markets.



This section provides the updates on the Indian/World front which may have an impact on the stocks and the market in general.




This section provides views by market experts on various stocks/commodities/currency. These include in-house views as well as views from other media in one place exclusively provided by us so that you don’t have to visit different websites or surf different business channels.




This section shows the coverage of research by our in-house team on stocks, markets, derivatives, IPO, Mutual Funds etc which could be market specific or stock specific or an overview on a specific topic. A sample of our research reports can be seen here


Commodity Rates

This section provides rates of various commodities such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, crude oil etc which is traded in the commodities markets.



Currency Rates

This section provides international and local exchange rates as well as RBI reference rates of the Indian Rupee versus various international currencies example USD/INR (US Dollar vis-à-vis Indian Rupee), EUR/INR (Euro vis-à-vis Indian Rupee). These are useful for trading in Currency Futures and Optionsi.







Mutual Funds

This section provides

a)     Performance (rate of return) of various categories of schemes as a whole (not Fund House specific) on a yearly basis. This is useful on taking a view on the overall performance of a particular category of Mutual Funds (example Liquid Funds or Hybrid Equity Oriented Funds) over the last one year for further investments to be made.

b)     Current New Fund Offers (NFOs). These are schemes floated by Mutual Fund Houses.

c)     Forthcoming NFOs. These are scheme which are going to be launched in near future.





This section provides details of opening and closing dates of Initial Public Offering(IPOs)

a)     Current/ongoing issues

b)     Past Issues (listing date as well as performance)

c)     Forthcoming Issues which are expected in the near future.

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