"Talent wins games,
Teamwork   Intelligence   Championships" - 
At SBICAP Securities we aim to select the right person for the right job and
create a distinctive environment for them to learn, experiment, and grow.


Growth Path

Professional Growth: There is a clear roadmap to progress and advance in the organizational structure. The organizational structure and the constant evolution throws up several positions and opportunities.

Personal Growth: In an organization which is rapidly growing and full of opportunities you can find strong support and enhancement for personal growth in terms of knowledge, skills and improvement in market value.

Growth Environment: Within our framework of ‘Core Values’ an environment facilitating transparency and learning has been created which have translated into strong bonds and relationships. We have vowed to be a fair employer by safeguarding the interest of all our employees.


Our organizational plans and strategies are executed through well-defined matrices of Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each employee gets a mutually agreed and accepted set of deliverables which has to be carried out with the ability to conceptualize, strategize and execute within the pre-defined parameters. Excelling beyond what is expected will thereby determine performance and will make one eligible for the appropriate rewards and recognition.



SBICAP Securities Limited believes in empowerment of it employees and encourages entrepreneurship qualities. As an organization each individual is empowered to take decisions and shape their performance. This instills a lot of confidence in the employees who realize their potential and go beyond their perceived limits.