The market is brimming with opportunities, and we know that as a customer you would like to grab most of them to ensure maximum profit and convenience for yourself. With our state-of-the-art online trading applications, you will never lose out on a market opportunity that comes your way.

You can open a trading account and invest in stocks, create your mutual fund portfolio, start an SIP, invest in bonds, trade derivatives, and do much more at your own convenience, anytime and anywhere.

Now, be in sync with India’s fast-paced stock markets with SBISMART Xpress, our high-speed desktop trading terminal. In addition to advanced trading facilities for multiple asset classes, our desktop trading platform provides educational content, sophisticated analytical insights, and an array of investment options. You can quickly get live quotations and market updates, trade in equity and derivatives, lien/unlien funds/stocks, etc. with SBISMART Xpress.

Your SBISMART Xpress desktop trading platform comes packed with multiple cutting-edge features to offer maximum advantage in the modern tech-driven trading environment.



Live stream of
stock market data

SBISMART Xpress is geared to ensure that you are set to push off the starting block once the stock market opens every morning. With the live data feed channel of our desktop trading platform, you can have all market developments at your fingertips. Get real-time updates on the movement of Indian indices (Sensex, Nifty), stock trading quotations, top performer or losers highlights, etc., delivered right on your desktop, with zero lag.







On-screen alerts

Are you too tied up with your daily chores to continuously track the performance of your favourite stocks? No problem, as we have the perfect solution for busy professionals like you! Now with your SBISMART Xpress desktop trading platform, you can be regularly heads-up on market movements.

Just mention the stock price that you are targeting for trading and our desktop trading platform will generate automated on-screen alerts about stock prices and ensure that you never miss a profit opportunity, even amidst your busy work schedule.





Superfast order executions

Time waits for no one and nor does an opportunity to book profits in a fast-paced market scenario. Acknowledging the need for superior connectivity in the modern stock trading domain, we have enabled SBISMART Xpress desktop trading platform to conduct order executions at lightning speed.

Now you can stay a step ahead in the bidding game with our high-speed desktop trading platform, enabled to handle trading across all asset categories. User experience is further enriched through a shortcut key-based access and a single second refresh rate for the market data feed screen.





Multiple watchlist

SBISMART The SBISMART Xpress desktop trading platform is a product of stock trading eloquence and technological foresight. Our solution not only offers you enabling services to trade in equity and derivatives but also advanced market surveillance features. It allows you to create and configure personalized watchlists of your favourite stocks and track their movements on a real-time basis.