What are Corporate FDs?

Corporate FDs are fixed deposits which are offered by financial and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). The maturity of corporate FDs can range from a few months or years. With corporate FDs, you can expect to earn higher returns than normal bank FDs. However, the risk associated with corporate FDs is a little higher than bank FDs.​


How to Invest in Corporate FDs with us?

Investing in corporate FDs is a seamless experience with SBICAP Securities Ltd. All you need to do is to download the form and submit it to the nearest SBICAP Securities Ltd branch.​

Also, at SBICAP Securities Ltd, we offer a range of AAA and AA-rated corporate FDs varying across investment tenures, interest rates and institutions to suit your investment needs. The deposit schemes have been specially chosen from high-safety options to ensure that you enjoy the twin benefits of stable risk-free returns and reduced degree of volatility.


Benefits of Corporate FDs:

Low Risk:
If you invest in AA and AAA rated corporate FDs, then the risk quotient comes down manifold.​
​High Returns:
Corporate FDs can potentially deliver higher returns than bank FDs.​


​Interest Frequency:
Corporate FDs give you the chance to choose your own interest frequency – monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual, depending on your financial needs.​
High liquidity:
Corporate FDs can potentially give you better liquidity as compared to bank FDs. Also, they have a shorter lock-in period vis-à-vis a bank FD. Additionally, you get a premature withdrawal option, and you can also procure a loan against your corporate FD.


Available Fixed Deposits:

Company Name

Credit Rating

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Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.


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PNB Housing Finance Ltd.


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LIC Housing Finance


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Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd. CRISIL - FAAA/ Negative Download Form
Bajaj Finserv Ltd CRISIL - FAAA Download Form