What is Systematic investment plan (SIP)?
A Systematic Investment Plan, also known as SIP, is a simple and systematic method that allows investors to invest fixed amounts in mutual funds periodically. You can start an SIP to invest in mutual funds weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your preferences.

With SBICAP Securities, you can start investing in mutual funds through SIP and build a large corpus over the years to meet your various short-term and long-term financial goals.

Benefits of SIP:

Rupee cost averaging allows you to buy more units when markets are down and vice versa​

SIPs allow you to invest in small amounts, from as little as Rs. 500

With SIPs you don’t need to time the market​


Aids you in meeting your long-term financial goals in a disciplined manner​

Inculcates a disciplined approach towards investments​​

Helps you diversify your investments and you can gain from different holdings even if your investments are small​​