At SBICAP Securities Limited (SSL) our service philosophy is deeply rooted in our commitment to facilitate the right investment decisions. Staying true to the vision of service excellence, SSL believes in procuring best-in-class human resources to serve as building blocks of our research infrastructure. Our team of 14 highly qualified analysts, with an average experience of nine years, is well-positioned to conduct multi-dimensional research into multiple asset classes, ranging from equities, currency to mutual funds.
We look further and dive deeper than where others would want to venture. Analysing a stock’s past performance is just a foot in the door, as we study and evaluate a host of other strategic and tactical data points including the target company’s management credentials, market disruption capabilities, future growth prospects, and the corporate governance structure.
Now, with holistic and multifaceted market intelligence at your command, tread the uncharted market waters with more confidence and stronger insights than before

What do we do?
Our investment research services portfolio is optimised to fit the requirements of various investors, diversified both in scale and investment objectives. Leverage our wide array of offerings, including​:

Equity Fundamental Analysis
Short and medium-term calls, stock coverage, result updates, Diwali stock-pick suggestions, industry sector watch reports, and investment portfolio modelling

Equity Technical Analysis
Market Kaleidoscope, Nifty future trading strategy insights, daily pivot table, intraday transaction services, BTST and 5-day calls reports.

Equity Derivatives Analysis
F&O snapshots, Future outlook,
Derivatives @SSL, intraday trading profile and paired/hedged strategies.


Currency Derivatives Analysis
Currency watch, intraday
trading profile, and paired/hedged
 Mutual Fund
 Comprehensive Fund-o-meter, offering investment
 risk insights, mutual fund current market trends, Most  favoured fund profiles andSBICAP's 6/6 Report. ​


Why SBICAP Securities Research?

Just like the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the quality of market research is testified by empirical results. The SBICAP Securities Research team has time and again delivered on its promises with consistent performance over the last several quarters.
Some notable milestones we have achieved in the recent past include:

  • We understand the investor requirements in a dynamic market scenario. Our fundamental calls are designed to provide quick action points. In the past three months, our 25 fundamental calls were able to hit the bulls-eye.
  • We set up a robust system providing regular Technical and Derivatives (Cash & Future) intraday calls feed.
  • Over 60% of the funds in our recommendation list have delivered alpha, considering a one-year investment horizon.
  • We provide comprehensive market performance outlook through our Long Term Market Review.

Research Long Term Market Review
Our research team comes up with a bi-annual market review report. Given below is a summary of our latest market review report:

What Next?
Global equities witnessed one of the worst declines amidst the coronavirus outbreak and a worldwide lockdown, severely denting  the fragile global economic recovery. The Indian market witnessed a far steeper decline erasing six years of gains. Nifty 50 hit a low of 7801.05 24th Mar 2020. This is the lowest level since 23rd July 2014 (Interim Budget during the Modi  government's first term). We did see some rebound thereafter but what next?

We now bring you a simple data-rich narrative of what to expect next in the markets. The broader things to look for: 

  • ​India is under-performing the globe
  • India's sectoral fall mirrors that of S&P
  • We do expect a bear market rally … but with a difference that the risk-reward is still unfavorable
  • Among currencies, the Yen is the safest and the Euro is the worst performer
  • Precious metals are cushioned but beware of crude oil
  • Eight solid themes to look out for while investing