Important Security Tips:


The security of your personal information is always a priority for SBICAP Securities Limited. We work hard to ensure your account information stays secure.


We wish to assist you in understanding the current threats mentioned below and help you to avoid becoming a victim of financial crime.


  • Never disclose any personal information via text message or phone calls, including Client codes, Password, Bank Account numbers, PAN Numbers or any  sensitive information that could be used fraudulently. Be cautious if you receive a text message or call expressing an urgent need for you to update your information, activate an account, or verify your identity by calling a phone number or submitting information on a web site or by a person calling you to reveal your account information. These messages / calls may be part of a phishing scam conducted by fraudsters to capture your confidential account information and commit fraud.
  • Be suspicious when receiving any unsolicited incoming communication/phone call asking your personal or financial information or asking you to deposit money in some account for any equity markets related transactions. Contact us through official channels available on our website under the tab Contact us.
  • Fraudulent emails are used by hackers to lure you to fake websites, which resemble original websites of financial institutions, and ask you to divulge personal information such as: Client code, Password, Bank Account number or PAN number.
  • The most common type of phishing e-mail claims to be a security message requesting you to validate your personal details or security questions. However, the details you confirm are then sent to the hackers and is absolutely illegal.
  • Monitor your transactions. Review your order confirmations, Digital Contract notes as soon as you receive them to make sure you are being charged only for transactions that have taken place. Immediately report any irregularities if any, to us immediately.
  • Use a unique password and change it regularly. You should never disclose your password, client code and bank account number to anyone.
  •  Always look out for the padlock  on the URL address



SBICAP Securities Limited would NEVER request such personal information from you - our customer, in an e-mail or a call.


Reporting an Incident: