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Term & Conditions – NRI Customers

“ I/We by availing the products offered by SSL, grant my/our consent to SSL,  to use or process or store my/our personal or proprietary data for various purpose including – to offer the products , to contact from time to time by post or phone or email , to keep informed about any news or activities or services , to comply any local regulations  and to provide to any regulatory authorities or government agencies, unless expressly revoked by me/us “ Further, I/we hereby confirm that I/we are aware of the existing laws of local and overseas jurisdiction w.r.t the sharing of personal or proprietary data to the service provider and understand that I/we are subject to the law of local jurisdiction in India "

All the particulars and information given/provided to us are true, correct, accurate and complete and they shall form the basis of any loan or any other financial products as may be decided to grant to you. Also understand that SBICAP Securities Limited (SSL) is acting as a distributor of financial products / loan and for which the documents is required to be shared with the manufacturer for processing.

You  hereby authorise SSL or its relevant group companies, subsidiaries and affiliates as the case may be to contact you through any mode including making calls/sending SMS alerts , Whatsapp on  registered mobile phone number or sending e-mails to registered e-mail id for marketing related information. You also confirm that this declaration/consent shall supersede, substitute and replace any other consent/confirmation issued in this regard previously and shall apply whether or not the registered mobile number has been registered on “Do not Call” registry.